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Gaozhong Technology is a software and consulting company. We are committed to information technology integration services and help enterprises start a smooth digital path by integrating strategy, design and software engineering. We use our rich experience to help customers improve their adaptability; use data to unlock new sources of value; create technology platforms that can be applied to business strategies; and quickly design, deliver and evolve high-quality products and excellent experiences at scale.

Product Engineering

With the continuous development and advancement of IT technology, market competition has become increasingly fierce, and enterprises' requirements for software products are also constantly changing. While customers' requirements for product quality continue to rise, they also have higher expectations for all aspects of the product life cycle, such as reducing product development time, improving expected quality, optimizing production processes, and reducing design costs. From product design, product development to later quality testing, we provide customers with products with stable performance and excellent experience.

Software Development

Gaozhong Technology has a professional development service team that provides customers with end-to-end application software development and maintenance services for a long time. With its systematic and mature methodology and rich practical project experience, Gaozhong Technology can provide customers with full-stack services including system development, platform development, APP development, project customization, etc. It can significantly improve business efficiency, significantly reduce development costs, and provide customers with a higher return on IT investment.

Consultation Service

Today, as information changes rapidly, enterprise business models and customer needs are also constantly changing. Enterprise operators and decision-makers need to always pay attention to changes in the business environment and maintain a clear and accurate perspective to make decisions and changes. Gaozhong Technology's consulting service team has long-term collaboration with customers and accumulated rich industry experience. From market insights to solution development, it provides full-chain and full-stack consulting services to effectively improve corporate efficiency.


Gaozhong Technology has rich service experience in business process outsourcing and has a large number of successful practices in business analysis, process design, system development, building business corresponding systems, training and business improvement. In order to meet the ever-changing and diverse needs of customers, we continue to make breakthroughs and innovations, help customers reduce costs, and provide customers with flexible, safe, and high-quality services.

Big Data

In the era of digital globalization, data is becoming a new factor of production. Big data technology is promoting innovation in multiple industries and fields, continuously expanding the breadth and depth of the real economy; new models and new business formats continue to emerge, economic costs are significantly reduced, production efficiency is significantly improved, and the form of industrial organization and the real economy are constantly reshaped. At the same time, big data technology is also reshaping the governance model of modern companies.

Artificial Intelligence Services

With the development of algorithms, computing power and big data, artificial intelligence has now shown explosive progress. As a branch of computer science, artificial intelligence research in the field includes robotics, speech recognition, image recognition, etc., with a wide range of applications. Gaozhong Technology is committed to helping enterprises quickly respond to market needs and accelerate the innovation of artificial intelligence technology and the application and display of technology.

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Gaozhong Technology is a software and consulting company dedicated to helping companies embark on a smooth digital journey by integrating strategy, design and software engineering. We have been at the forefront of digital innovation and have extensive experience creating highly adaptable technology platforms, designing world-class digital products, and harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence to unlock new sources of value.

Our Work Process.


The software feasibility analysis established during software planning refines and refines various possible solutions and assigns them to individual software elements.


Through software design, a design specification is formed. Improve the maintainability and reusability of software systems, and increase the scalability and flexibility of software.


According to the software design, each part of the software design needs to be developed and implemented to implement operation. There are unified and standardized programming rules for programming.


Hand over the software system to the customer, and at the same time guide the customer on software installation, as well as the actual operation method and usage process of the software, etc.

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